2. heathkillen:

    Flying Lotus
    Timothy Saccenti

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  3. squeezingreviews:

    Daily Mini-Reviews for Albums You May Like

    •Machine Girl - WLFGRL (2014)

    Get ready to rumble to some breakcore fucktastista! Machine Girl blows up the intensity in this new record with murderous electronic beats and fun rave music. Every track sound like they came straight from a DDR game, a reminiscence to classics like Paranoia and Trip Machine. Take a look and venture into a fantastic addition to the Dred Collection. 3.5/5

    •Little Spoon - Girlfriend Forever (2014)

    Right from the get-go, it’s a sudden chamber pop land ridden down the seat of psychosis. The almost tribunal vocals remind me so much of Thee Silver Mt. Zion, but with a lot more reverb and just a bit less nasal. From beginning to end, it is a fun record to listen to once you delve deep enough. Overall, the record is a splendid variety of influences from noise to art pop. 4/5
  5. breakcorechoirboy:

    L O U D.


  6. glassbox47:

    Machine Girl - WLFGRL Remixes A


  8. chasingtheflood asked: is WLFGRL on vinyl? if not, are you planning to release it on vinyl?

    there are not official plans for wlfgrl on vinyl but a lot of people having been asking for it so that might change..

    definitely some other physical releases are coming soon tho


  9. tohereknowswhere asked: I <3 u



  10. fuc3po asked: Your music sounds like a femdom club in the year 2049AD. SICK AS FUCK.

    eyyyy tankz!!


    small correction tho….

    its 2040 AD to b exact